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Updated: Aug 29, 2022


Kansas City, Kansas—March 29, 2022: A Kansas City-based company, MGES, LLC, has become a leader in nanoparticle LED-air filtration flat panel systems. This kind of system is very effective in combatting the spread of COVID-19, its variants, and other harmful pathogens. This unique system is one of the best available, exceeding even HEPA filters and the like. But the story of this company goes back several decades, and there is a direct tie-in to that which is occurring now in Ukraine.

Bill “Avram” Waldberg was just a young boy when he escaped the Holocaust in the late 1930s and 1940s. From his home in Hungary, Bill took on a circuitous route to eventually flee from the brutal grips of Naziism, only to find himself in the heart of the Balkans—in the former Yugoslavia. But his journey did not end there. While he was striving to break away from Hitler and his henchmen, Bill later found himself fending off the evil of Communism as it leaked south into the land of the Serbs. Today, considering the extended “Balkan” geography of our day, and in view of the horrific images of the war in Ukraine, Bill has some stark warnings. All of this seems eerily similar to the times when Bill escaped both Naziism and Communism.

The current Russian invasion of Ukraine rings loudly of the authoritarian and totalitarian regimes that were pervasive in Europe throughout the early 1900s, and that extended all the way through the fall of the Berlin Wall. Indeed, it was almost an entire century of oppression at the hands of the Bolsheviks and Communists. Included in that period was the brutal reign of Joseph Stalin, responsible for killing nearly 20 million of his own people (both directly and indirectly). Stalin sought to eradicate all dissenting opinions, analogous to that which Vladimir Putin is trying to do in Russia at this very moment.

Another theme today that is a haunting reminder of the holocaust is Putin’s call for “ethnic purification in Russia.” When Putin announced the ‘crushing of those dissenting gnats’ in his own country, it reminded Bill of Adolf Hitler; in fact, it made Bill’s spine shiver, for Bill had heard Adlof Hiltler refer to the Jewish people as ‘rodents’ while leading up to World War II. And so, today is a reminder that many of the backdrops that existed during the Second World War are once again present in the war between Russia and Ukraine—one that threatens the entire globe with nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare as well. Bill said: “It’s never good when world leaders such as Putin start referring to other human beings as animals, insects or rodents. Just remember what happened with the ethnic genocide in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.”

Eventually, Bill and his family went from Serbia to modern-day Slovenia to Trieste (in Italy). He landed in Cyprus for a short while before ending up in Israel, where he and his mother served the late David Ben Gurion directly. One element has kept Avram connected with his previous homelands: His inimitable music.

After years in the Israeli army, Bill later ended up emigrating from Israel to the United States. He settled on the Kansas City area where he started several thriving businesses and companies. He became successful and saw to it that his children knew and understood his commitment and conviction to his Jewish faith and to the ethics associated with hard work, honesty, and integrity. Again, though, Bill remained attached to Eretz Yisrael by playing his piano and by sharing his love with so many around him.

Interestingly enough, Bill was also one of the first people to understand the efficacy and importance of LED lighting, having “scouted it out” in Europe years before its arrival in the United States. Bill was so convinced that LED would take hold in North America, that he and his son—Mitch Waldberg—started MGES LLC in the heart of Kansas City, Kansas. As the years progressed, Mitch took the reins and grew MGES. Today, MGES continues to serve clients in the Kansas City area and nationwide with a state-of-the-art “2-in-1” LED-air filtration nanoparticle flat board system, as well with advanced solar micro-grids and waste-to-energy solutions. Mitch Waldberg notes the following with respect to his advanced air filtration systems: “In many cases—if not in most—MGESis able to offer this “2-in-1” air filtration and LED panel free of charge to educational systems, some hospitals, and many building owners as well. Various funds under the CARES Act allow for new air filtration systems to be reimbursed by federal funding mechanisms. This may also be the case for buildings via the newly announced Clean Air in Buildings Challenge that draws funds from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law as well.”

Mitch spends much of his free time at the Plaza Chabad in Kansas City (“Chabad on the Plaza”). Bill (“Avram”) and Mitch still live and work in metro Kansas City, and Bill still comes to the office to work, even to this day. For more see

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