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Battery Energy Storage System

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MGES is implementing a comprehensive system consisting of a set of 279.6 kWh lithium-ion battery, battery management system, energy management system, 100 kW bidirectional DC/AC converter, thermal management and firefighting system, all within a compact footprint of less than 2 m². The MGES technology integrated in this system has been rated to have a round efficiency of 91% and a cycle life of 8000 times. This versatile system is suitable for deployment in a variety of applications, such as EV charging stations, commercial buildings, and manufacturing facilities, among others.


Charge and Discharge Simultaneously

Simultaneously charging and discharging our energy storage system allows you to  improve grid stability and flexibility. By charging and discharging the battery simultaneously, excess renewable energy can be stored in the battery during periods of low demand and then quickly released during peak demand periods to support the grid. This can help balance the supply and demand of energy on the grid and reduce the need for additional peaking power plants, which can be costly and carbon-intensive.

Also, by balancing the charging and discharging currents, energy losses can be minimized, resulting in a more efficient use of stored energy.


Peak Shaving

By storing excess energy during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower, your company can avoid purchasing electricity at peak rates during periods of high demand. This can help reduce energy costs.  Additionally, energy storage can provide backup power during times of grid outages, ensuring that critical operations can continue even in the event of an outage. By using energy storage to smooth out the peaks and valleys of your energy demand, you can also reduce your overall energy consumption and carbon footprint.


How Energy Storage Works? 

Extra energy is stored in batteries. The computer program keeps track of how much electricity is used and releases the stored energy during periods of high demand, when it is most useful.

EV-Battery Energy Storage System

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MGES Advantage: MGES is utilizing patent pending processes and technology which allows for uncapped 30% tax credits for the majority of the project costs. All this while minimizing construction costs by working with modules and existing or upgraded electrical service utility transformers when possible.


Pre-Construction Engineering, Design, Verifications and Ordering 


Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)


Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) verifications and Ordering 


Construction services and Budgeting 

Why Choose the EV-Energy Storage System for your Facility? 

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  • Charge and discharge simultaneously 

  • Our system does not disrupt any existing electrical panels, switch gears, or any other components of the electrical system already in place.

  • No transformer upgrade needed

  • Control of the system through software (100% control of your energy)

  • As your demand for energy increases our system increases with it, to better help you manage your energy 

  • Our system's battery life goes up to 18 years. *

*If the right charging strategies are applied 

All Inclusive Energy System

Our system allows you to manage your energy based on your needs, distribute energy when needed, store energy for efficiency and backup purposes, and save money by minimizing peak demand charges. Our system allows for simple space containment. 

Construction Process Simplified 

Reduce Onsite Labor, Liability/Risk, Supply Chain Issues, & Maintenance. Reduction up to 80% of construction cost.

Tax Credit Opportunity 

Our system is eligible for a 30% Tax credit without a cap. 

No Disruption to Existing Building/Facility

Our system does not disrupt any existing electrical panels, switch gears, or any other components of the electrical system already in place.

See If The EV-Energy Storage System Is Right For You

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