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Nanoparticle Air Filtration 

 Our Nanoparticle Air Filtration Systems help protect your space and the people in it. MGES offers an Advanced Nanoparticle unit with UV-C lighting and silver ions that help reduce the amount of mold in spaces, bacteria, and other harmful airborne pathogens like COVID-19. As we know it is more important than ever to keep our indoor air quality as clean as possible and this is a great and efficient way to go about doing that. To top things off our systems use simple ceiling installations that require no space redesign or remodel allowing for maximum flexibility. 


Our Air Filtration Units Help Kill and Prevent: 

  • Molds

  • COVID-19

  • Bacteria

  • Viruses

  • Many Other harmful Pathogens


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Here are a couple of images from our KCK Public Schools recent project where we have placed over 2400 individual Nanoparticle Air Filtration units across all their schools, which included elementary, middle, and high schools. 

Commonly Asked Questions about our Nanoparticle Air Filtration Systems: 

  1. How many air changes are these units supposed to produce?​

    • ASHRAE recommended air changes are calculated by space size & number of occupants that live or interact in that space.​

  2. When do I need to change the filters?

    • Filters should be changed after 2,160 standard hours. The indicator light will go from green to red identifying that the filter needs to be changed.

  3. Is there any space or ceiling redesign needed to install these units?

    • ​Not at all. These units can be placed on practically any ceiling surface as they require no space redesign, allowing for much-needed flexibility.

  4. What are the measurements for each unit?

    • ​Each unit measures 2x2 (ft).

  5. Is there a warranty?

    • ​There is a 5-year warranty on each unit.


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