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EV Charging Station


MGES ChargeFlex Pedestal

19.2 kW

Presenting the MGES ChargeFlex Pedestal – an innovative and cutting-edge charging system that embraces modular design principles and forefront power electronic technology.  Experience the future of EV charging with MGES and unlock the power of sustainable mobility.

MGES PowerFlow All-In-One

120 kW up to 240 kW

Introducing the MGES PowerFlow All-In-One Electric Vehicle Charger, where modern design meets user-friendly operation. Our charger boasts a modular design for effortless maintenance and operation, ensuring a seamless charging experience. 

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How to Get Started?: Determine What Your Facility Needs Are 


How much power is the utility bring to your property? 


How much power is being brought from the transformer to the building ?

Image by Scott Graham

How much available space is on the facility's existing panel or system? 

Image by Federico Beccari

What is the facility's energy demand or usage? 

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How much capacity is available to use towards EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment)? 

Let Us Help You Better Understand Your EVSE Needs. 

Thanks for submitting!
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