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EV Charging Station

MGES is a one-stop, turn-key solution for the installation of EV charging stations.

MGES will do the following for EV charging:


1) Design

2) Engineer

3) Provide all hardware and software (including “specifically branded” EV charging stations)

4) Install

5) Incentives: Provide guidance on incentives

Copy of Super DC Series diagonal shadow.png

Super DC Series

120 kW up to 240 kW
Level 2 charger (2).png

Public EV Wallbox Level 2

19.2 kW

How to Get Started?: Determine What Your Facility Needs Are 


How much power is the utility bring to your property? 


How much power is being brought from the transformer to the building ?

Image by Scott Graham

How much available space is on the facility's existing panel or system? 

Image by Federico Beccari

What is the facility's energy demand or usage? 

sophie-jonas-9eLBz_H5aso-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

How much capacity is available to use towards EVSE (Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment)? 

Let Us Help You Better Understand Your EVSE Needs. 

Thanks for submitting!
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