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MGES Announces Nanoparticle Technology for Food Processing Plants: COVID, Its Variants and Beyond

Updated: Jan 6

Kansas City, Kansas—May 2, 2022: The Kansas City-based advanced technology company, MGES, has just released its “2-in-1” nanoparticle air filtration system for the food processing industry. This new technology is considered superior to other systems used in the marketplace today, and it comes at a time when the food industry is in critical need. MGES cites information that has been revealed in recent years by entities such as VTT Technical Research Center in Finland:

The concern to determine airflow as a possible source of contamination is growing because the airborne … particles can introduce foreign matter including microbial contaminants into the products produced.

Common methods used to reduce viable microbial counts in the production facilities include filtration, chemical fogging, ozone, and UV radiation.

The filtration must be sufficient enough to eliminate bacteria, fungi and spores from the airstream.


New microbial, bacterial, and viral strains are threatening food supplies around the world. That is what makes this such an urgent and critical matter.

In fact, Mitch Waldberg, the CEO of MGES, says: “Really, very few people need to tell us that safety and hygiene are important anywhere that food is present, especially in food processing plants. With outbreaks of salmonella, and with stresses on supply chain (including interrupted and disrupted transportation and storage of raw materials), there is an even greater problem to talk about today. Much of this can be addressed with advanced nanoparticle systems.”

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