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MGES is committed to bringing you clean, reliable energy, produced on-site, to power your facilities.  An MGES-designed MicroGrid can allow you to disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously.

IMG_3521 2.JPG

Onsite Natural Gas or Biofuel Micro-Grid provides FULL power to your facility matching an estimated 470kW-T total demand. 

Thermal –Provides Hot water steam for boilers

Provides Cold or Chilled Water for HVAC or Refrigeration

Prime Generator 24/7 Operations making the Utility your Emergency Back Up Power (replacing) backup generator

Island Mode  – Full Facility Power when Grid is Down

Energy Storage and Management System

Reduced / Removed Facility – Demand charges from Utilities

Carbon Footprint

Significant Reduction assisting toward Net ZERO Emissions

Redundancy – Parallel with Grid or 100% Off Grid Operations

Super Silent Unit – low 55 dB container

Premium Look – Blends with the environment

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