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MGES is committed to bringing you clean, reliable energy, produced on-site, to power your facilities.  An MGES-designed MicroGrid can allow you to disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously.

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Introducing our revolutionary microgrid solution, designed to provide seamless and reliable power to your facility. Our Onsite Natural Gas or Biofuel Micro-Grid is specifically engineered to meet your facility's total demand, estimated at 470kW-T. With this advanced system, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits.

  • Thermal Capability: Our microgrid is equipped to provide hot water steam for boilers, as well as cold or chilled water for HVAC or refrigeration systems, ensuring optimal temperature control throughout your facility.

  • Emergency Power Backup: Our prime generator operates 24/7, serving as a reliable backup power source during utility outages. Say goodbye to traditional backup generators and rely on our microgrid to keep your operations running smoothly.

  • Island Mode: When the grid goes down, our microgrid seamlessly transitions to full facility power, enabling uninterrupted operation even during power disruptions.

  • Energy Storage and Management: Our microgrid incorporates an advanced energy storage and management system, allowing for efficient energy usage and reducing or eliminating facility demand charges from utility providers.

  • Environmental Impact: By embracing our microgrid solution, you contribute significantly to reducing your carbon footprint. We assist in achieving Net ZERO Emissions, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future.

  • Redundancy Options: Our microgrid can operate in parallel with the grid or as a standalone, offering both grid-connected and 100% off-grid operations, providing enhanced redundancy for your power supply.

  • Silent and Aesthetically Pleasing: Our microgrid system boasts a super silent unit with a noise level as low as 55 dB, ensuring a peaceful working environment. Additionally, its premium design seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, complementing the aesthetics of your facility.

Experience the power of our advanced microgrid solution, revolutionizing the way you access and utilize energy while contributing to a cleaner and more resilient future.

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