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LED Lighting

When selecting a vendor for your lighting project, expertise is the key. With more than 450 completed projects across the United States, MGES knows how to deliver savings. Our photometric designs ensure optimal lighting at the lowest possible cost.

MGES lighting assessment includes:

  • Detailed walk-through of the facility (interior/exterior) to gather counts of each fixture type, foot-candle readings, color temperature analysis, and detailed measurements.

  • Solutions personalized for your needs that include savings reports, and ROI calculations.

  • Knowledge of potential incentives and tax credits and how to use them.

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This project consisted of a 115,000SF Sales and Service Center.  MGES Replaced existing troffers with new LED direct/indirect fixtures in the interior offices, hallways, and conference rooms. In the Service Department MGES replaced one for one fixtures with 200 lumen per watt fixtures 165W = 33,000 and 130W = 26,000 lumens.  The Exterior lot included highway frontage and street frontage poles of approximately 35-38' and were de-lamped to two fixtures per pole with 320W = 52,800-lumen fixtures.   The remaining exterior fixture pole heights were 25' tall and replaced with  240W fixtures = 39,000 lumens.  All remaining exterior canopies and wall packs were replaced with LED Fixtures.


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