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About Us

Energy Solutions Partners Since 2011

MGES is an Energy Services Partner delivering clean energy solutions to clients since 2011. Our experience has allowed us to serve large national accounts, regional clients, and local facilities. We understand the importance of choosing the most dependable and affordable sources to help you save more now and in the future.


Our Story

Founded in 2011 by CEO Mitch Waldberg, MGES is a clean energy solutions company with a goal of providing not only clean energy for others but also energy independence for all. Located in the heart of America (Kansas. City, Kansas) MGES has conducted projects nationwide and has partners and connections all over the globe.Built on the core beliefs of transparency, fairness, and attention to detail MGES has grown to become one of the elite energy service providers not only in the Kansas City area but in the whole United States.

Mission Statement

MGES provides the latest technologies with uniquely engineered solutions tailored to achieve companies' energy goals.

Our Clients

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