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EV Charging

MGES is a one-stop, turn-key solution for the installation of EV-charging stations. MGES will design, engineer, provide hardware and software, install, and provide guidance on incentives.


DCFC Charger.jpeg
UFC - DC Fast Charger

- ISO15118/DIN70121 Charging Protocol Standards

- Support OCPP1.6J Version. CE/UL Certified.

- SECC controller

- Support Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) function

- 7 inch LCD touch-screen.

- Supports RFID and POS machine payment (OPT).

- Support APP control.

- Cable management system.

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Battery Energy Storage System

In response to the alarmingly elevated demand charges affecting the entire nation, MGES has devised an innovative solution. This not only avoids these unfair energy fees but also alleviates the financial burden for businesses aiming to implement EV charging on their premises—an unprecedented advancement in the EV sector. Utilizing MGES' Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), business owners can anticipate reducing their investment costs by 60-80%, a remarkable decrease from the initial estimates, when they partner with MGES. 

MGES Lease Program 


Lease & Host EV Charging stations + MGES Battery Energy Storage System. 


MGES will invest in your EV project. Reducing your initial cost by up to 100%. MGES will also operate and maintain charging stations and BESS.


MGES will meter energy separately and pay for all energy used by chargers and BESS.


Once lease agreement is complete, MGES will install and get chargers ready for use. 

How Does the BESS Work? 

MGES is spearheading an extensive initiative by implementing a comprehensive system, encompassing a 279.6 kWh lithium-ion battery, battery management system, energy management system, 100 kW bidirectional DC/AC converter, thermal management, and firefighting system—all neatly contained within a compact footprint of less than 2 m². The integrated MGES technology within this system boasts an impressive round efficiency rating of 91% and a cycle life of 8000 times. This adaptable system finds utility in various applications, including EV charging stations, commercial buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

As for the mechanism behind energy storage, it involves storing excess energy in batteries. A sophisticated computer program monitors electricity consumption and strategically releases stored energy during periods of heightened demand, maximizing its effectiveness.

Charge & Discharge Simultaneously

Simultaneously charging and discharging our energy storage system allows you to  improve grid stability and flexibility. By charging and discharging the battery simultaneously, excess renewable energy can be stored in the battery during periods of low demand and then quickly released during peak demand periods to support the grid.

Peak Shaving

By storing excess energy during off-peak hours when energy costs are lower, your company can avoid purchasing electricity at peak rates during periods of high demand. This can help reduce energy costs.


Patent pending technology that isolates charges from grid. Never have to worry about energy demand charges again. 


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Kansas City, KS 66105


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