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Even though the origins of MGES can be traced back to the basement of an old furniture warehouse, located right on the infamous Southwest Boulevard in KCK, the idea for MGES actually originated in 2006 at a global energy summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our founder and CEO, Mitch Waldberg, attended this summit with a company he was partnered with at the time, and while there, he encountered an array of people in the energy business.

A simple conversation with one of these individuals about the inability of the current US infrastructure to meet future energy demands sparked something inside Mr. Waldberg. With a background in environmental business dealing with emissions, he saw the unreliable nature of the current US infrastructure as an opportunity to change course and find a way to help others produce clean, independent energy that would never fail due to, for example, a power grid outage.


From that point on, Mr. Waldberg made it his goal to educate himself on microgrids, waste-to-energy combustion, and energy infrastructure by collaborating with professional companies and individuals in the field. After a couple of years of immersing himself in the industry, he decided to move back to Kansas City in 2011 and start operations. MGES was then born in the basement of that old furniture warehouse, and we began our journey to help others become energy-independent. Ever since then, Micro Grid Energy Services (MGES) has provided the latest technologies with uniquely engineered solutions tailored to achieve companies’ energy goals.

While our range of services includes exceptional offerings like Natural Gas Cogeneration and Micro Grids, our primary expertise in the energy sector lies in enhancing, upgrading, and transforming existing energy infrastructures for the better. As we look to the future, we are placing a huge emphasis on upcoming challenges. MGES will be taking on EV Chargers and the energy infrastructure of America. Over the last couple of years, MGES has been developing and researching a solution, and we have finally succeeded. As part of our next step in the EV Charging Industry, we have created a division specifically for EV Charging solutions, MGES GO. Be on the lookout for what lies ahead and how MGES will turn EV Charging projects into renewable energy projects with the MGES EV-Battery Energy Storage System.



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