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Battery Energy
Storage System


Efficiency is proprietary to MGES, especially when it comes to energy consumption and usage. With our, EV-Energy Storage System manage your energy and take control of your savings.

What is a BESS?

The MGES Battery Energy Storage System is perfect for business owners or investors seeking to manage their energy expenses, reduce peak energy usage, and steer clear of potential energy demand charges. This system enables you to charge and store energy during periods of low demand, typically at night, and utilize that stored energy during daytime when demand charges are prevalent. Additionally, the BESS functions as an energy management device, allowing you to control and allocate the energy usage for your day-to-day operations.


How Does It Work? 

MGES is spearheading an greatinitiative by implementing a comprehensive system, encompassing a 279.6 kWh lithium-ion battery, battery management system, energy management system, 100 kW bidirectional DC/AC converter, thermal management, and firefighting system—all neatly contained within a compact footprint of less than 2 m². The integrated MGES technology within this system boasts an impressive round efficiency rating of 91% and a cycle life of 8000 times. This adaptable system finds utility in various applications, including EV charging stations, commercial buildings, and manufacturing facilities.

As for the mechanism behind energy storage, it involves storing excess energy in batteries. A sophisticated computer program monitors electricity consumption and strategically releases stored energy during periods of heightened demand, maximizing its effectiveness.


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